Zero Turn Maneuverability Course

Wednesday August 17, 2022 – 7:30pm
Pull Track

Superintendent, Paul Will
Chris Lambert, Sam Evans, Adam Smith, Tom Pullins, Brent Rose, Brian Windon & Chuck Parker
Class Payout: $50, $30, $15, & $5

Sponsored by Baum Lumber

$10 Entry Fee Per Class

1. Up to 50” Deck
2. 51” to 60” Deck
3. 61” and above Deck
4. Powder Puff


1. Maneuverability course will be set up with different obstacles.
2. Participants will be timed.
3. Each operator will have two attempts at the course. The best time of the 2 will be used for placing.
4. Zero turn mowers must be stock with all safety devices and shields in place.