Open Class Poultry


Tuesday, August 16, 2022  8:00 am
Ridenour Livestock Arena
Followed by the Junior Fair Poultry Show Superintendent – Bob Calaway

Committee: Tara Roberts, Paul Will, Brandon Werry

Exhibitors must purchase Season or Membership Tickets.  Judging will be done 1:00 p.m., Tuesday, August 16, 2022. Entries close at 4:00 p.m., August 6, 2022.  The Standard of Perfection as revised by the American Poultry Association shall be the guide in judging and placing awards.  Judging shall be by comparison but no unworthy specimen shall be given a prize.  There shall be no entry fee charged.  For Polloram/Fowl Typhoid testing contact Amanda Faulk.  There is no fee charged for Polloram Typhoid Testing.  When no competition exists the judge shall make such award, as the exhibition may merit. Unworthy exhibits will not win place but will be placed second if no competition.  Competition means two or more exhibitors.  Young birds cannot compete with old and vice versa, except in champions of breeds.  Old birds hatched previous years; young birds hatched year of fair.  Only designated officials permitted in aisles during judging.  The Meigs County Fairboard reserves the right to limit the number of entries to the capacity of the poultry building but should not exceed 25 entries per exhibit.  Poultry will not be fed nor cared for by the Board nor will the Board be responsible for any loses whatsoever.  All exhibits shall be the property of the exhibitors 30 days before date of fair.  All birds must be free from contagious diseases and parasites.  No single entries, all pens.  Exhibit to consist of a pen of two, meaning one pullet and one cockerel or one hen and one cock.  Each breed to be judged separately.  Breed, variety, whether large fowl or bantam, and class must be on entry blank.  Open to world competition.  Poultry must be in place by 6 p.m. Sunday, August 16, 2015.  Can be removed after market livestock sale on Saturday, August 22.  Junior Fair Poultry projects cannot compete in Senior Fair open class poultry.  See general rules for further instructions.

Class 1 – Pen of One Pullet and One Cockerel    $20.00     $15.00         $10.00

Class 2 – Pen of One Hen and One Cock             $20.00     $15.00          $10.00

DIVISION 601 – POULTRY – American—Dominique, Jersey Giant, Plymouth Rock, Rhode Island Red, Wyandotte

DIVISION 604 – POULTRY – English – Cornish, Australop, Dorking, Orpington, Sousex

DIVISION 606 – POULTRY – Any other standard Breed – Samatra, Araucana, Frizzle, Naked Neck, Old English Game

DIVISION 607 – BANTAM – Modern Game – B.B. Red, Birchen, Brown Red, any other variety

DIVISION 612 – BANTAM – Any Other Comb Clean Leg – Cornish, Polish

DIVISION 613 – Guineas – All Varieties

DIVISION 614 – TURKEYS – All Breeds

DIVISION 615 – GEESE – All Breeds

DIVISION 616 – DUCKS – All Breeds



DIVISION 619 – DOVES – All Breeds

DIVISION 620 – PIGEONS – All Breeds

DIVISION 622 – QUAILS – All Breeds


DIVISION 624 – PEA FOWL – All Breeds

Definition of term used:

The fowls will be hatched as follows:

  1. Cock, a male over one year of age.
  2. Cockerel, a male under one year of age.
  3. Hen, a female over one year of age.
  4. Pullet, a female under one year of age.
  5. Old Drake, male duck one year of age or older.
  6. Young Drake, a male duck up to one year of age.
  7. Old Duck, female duck one year of age or older.
  8. Young Duck, female duck up to one year of age.