Motocross Racing

Motocross Racing

Meigs Co. Justin Hill Memorial MX

by Fast Traxx Motorple

Thursday, August 21, 2021 – 7:00pm

Superintendent: Tom Pullins

(for more information please consult www.htp://

Classes available for riders of all ages

Sign Up 4:00 pm                 Practice:  6:00 pm          Race:  7:00 pm

$25 per class for Youth & Amateur

Any Rider with a military ID races FREE

NO AMA or district Membership Card Required

$30 Pro Class 100% Payback

All events except for the team event pay super series points. We are once again running both GP and MX Southeastern Ohio

Super Series. Riders need a minimum of 12 GP events or 14 SX or MX events to qualify for yearend awards. Race Registration: Rider MUST be present at rider registration in order to sign minor and general release

All riders and parents must always have wristbands on and at rider registration

Please wear your helmet!





ATV 40+

ATV 50+

ATV Utility Class

Pit Bike 14- Over

Girls * small wheel only

Schoolboy 1 Schoolboy 2

Women’s 125-Up











250 B 2&4 Stk

4 Stk Hay B 251-Up

4 Sties Let B/C 250-under

Open (any cc)

122-250 A (let)

122-250 B (let)

122-250 C (let)

Open A

Open B

Open C 


Classes Include:


50 Oil Injected           

50 4-6 yrs.

50 7-8 yrs.

65 7-11 yrs.

65 Extra

85 Novice

Mini Jr 7-11 yrs. (85) Mini Sr 12-15 yrs. (85)

Mini Extra (65 & 85)


Pit Bike 13- Under







ATV Classes

Youth ATV 0-90 4-10 yrs.

Youth ATV 0-90 11-15 yrs. ATV Pit Quad 13-Under

ATV Pit Quad 14 – Over

Girls ATV 0-90

Youth Prod ATV 13-15 yrs.

ATV Women’s




ATV 30+