Junior Fair Information

Cornhole Tournament
Pet Show
Trash Barrel Contest
Service Auction
Old Timer Showmanship
Showmen of Showmen Contest
Livestock Judging Contest

Cornhole Tournament
Thursday, August 18, 2022, 5:00 pm

Sponsored by the Meigs County Junior Fair Board
Ridenour Family Livestock Arena

  1. Two people per team.
  2. There will be 3 categories:
    1. Senior (18 yrs. and up)
    2. Junior (11-17 yrs.)
    3. Beginner (10 yrs. and under)
  3. Entry fee is $10 per team for Senior and Junior players. Entry fee is $5 per team for Beginner teams.
  4. The teams in each category will play each other according to a random draw procedure.
  5. 1st place winners will be awarded in each category. Payback will be 50% of each class entry fee.
  6. Tournament will take place outside the Ridenour Family Livestock Arena.
  7. Pick up registration forms in the Junior Fair Board Office.

Meigs County Fair Landscaping/Gardening Competition

PROCEDURE: We are trying to beautify the Meigs County Fairgrounds and we need your help! The Junior Fair Board would like for your group to landscape/garden in a specified area on the Meigs County Fairgrounds. Please contact Amanda Faulk to get a list of landscaping/gardening spots that are available. They will be reserved on a first come, first served basis. Any improvement to the grounds must be left in place after the fair, or the site should be returned to its original state. Landscaping sites will be judged for originality, composition, color, proportion, balance, size and condition.


  • Open to all Junior Fair groups.
  • Must be in good taste – any entry deemed to be offensive will be disqualified and must be removed.
  • No advertising, political or religious figures.
  • No electrical parts.
  • Landscaped/Gardened areas should be ready to be judged by Saturday, August 13 at 1pm
  • Winners will receive a cash prize for 1st thru 3rd place.

AWARDS: 1st Place $ 50.00 2nd Place $ 25.00 3rd Place $ 10.00

Pet Show Friday
August 19, 2022 – 9:00 am

Small Show Arena Sponsored by the Girl Scouts Big Bend Service Unit
Classes are as follows:

Class I: Best Cat
Class II: Best Dog
Class III: Best Rodent
Class: IV: Most Talented (12 years and under)
Class V: Most Talented (13 years and up)
Class VI: Most Unusual
Class VII: Best Miscellaneous Category
Class VIII: Best Dressed Pet


  1. No animals weighing over 150 pounds.
  2. One entry per class. No animal can be entered in more than two classes.
  3. Entry fee is $3.00 each or $2.00/each for 5 entries & will be accepted at the show ring 30 minutes prior to the Pet Show.
  4. All entries must be turned in at the show arena.
  5. You must always have pet under control, or you may be asked to remove pet from the grounds.
  6. Best of show will be selected from the winners in each category.
  7. All pets must be on leash or in an approved pet carrier and up to date on any required vaccinations.
  8. Contact any Girl Scout for more information.

Trash Barrel Contest


We are trying to beautify the Meigs County Fairgrounds while keeping our fairgrounds clean, and we need your help to decorate trash barrels!   The Junior Fairboard has a limited number of trash barrels available for your group to decorate, so please contact Amanda Faulk if you are interested.


  • Open to all Junior Fair groups.
  • Must be in good taste – any entry deemed to be offensive will be disqualified and must be removed.
  • No advertising, political or religious figures.
  • Must be made of material that will stand up to the elements outside.
  • Entries become the property of the Meigs County Fair. Your organizations name will somehow need to be displayed on the barrel.
  • There are some limited trash barrels available if you need some please contact JFB Coordinator, Amanda Faulk
  • Trash Barrels must be ready to be judged (by bringing them to the show arena) by Saturday, August 13 at 1pm.
  • Winners will receive a cash prize for 1st thru 3rd place.


AWARDS:     1st Place $15       2nd Place $10      3rd Place $5

Junior Fair Coordinator:

Amanda Faulk



Senior Fairboard Committee:

Sam Evans (Superintendent) Tara Roberts, Tom Pullins, Brent Rose, Brandon Werry


President- Trenton Morrissey

Vice President- Dana Card

Secretary- Raeann Schegal

Treasurer- Olivia Harris

Historian- Jacob Spencer


Cassidy Bailey, Hunter Clary, Samuel Cremeans, Bradley Dillon, Sidney Dillon, Eva Enslen, Alexis Grubb, Bradley Hamm, Melinda Lawson, Bryant Mohler, Jeremiah Mohler, Lizzie Parry, Addison Ramsburg,  Corey Seth, Woody Will.

Junior Fairboard applications will be available the week of the fair in the Junior Fairboard Office.

Monday, August 15 at 4:30pm
In the Ridenour Livestock Arena
Highest Bidder Wins

The job must take place inside the Fairgrounds and the child will work 4 hours as per requested by the buyer. Buyer must set the scheduled work time with the child that they buy. Purchase must be redeemed by the end of the Fair on Saturday and money must be paid at the conclusion of the Junior Fairboard Service Auction at the Junior Fair Office. Service must take place on the fairgrounds.

All JFB members and royalty will be auctioned off.

Money raised from the Service Auction is used for Junior Fair Board Sponsored events.

Example: Junior Fair Board Scholarships, awards, etc. We Would Love to See You There! Remember, members are really good at: Babysitting, cleaning stalls, washing animals, cleaning livestock barns/pens, etc.!”

Old Timer Showmanship

  • Entry Fee: $5 per show. 50% goes to winner, 50% goes to Junior Fair Board
  • Must secure your own market or breeding animal
  • Ages 19 and up
    proper attire require, including closed-toe shoes
  • Sign-up and pay at the Junior Fairboard Office
  • Species show at the end of each scheduled 4-H show
    • Hogs, sheep, goats, chickens, turkeys, rabbits, beef, horses

Friday August 19, 2022 at 6 pm – Ridenour Livestock Arena

Trophy Sponsored by Ohio Valley Bank

These are the best of the best showman for this year’s fair. These showmen have the opportunity to battle it out in the ring for the coveted winning title.

Participants are grand champion showmanship winners in each species, if they accept the nomination. If they do not accept, it is then offered to the reserve showman. The exhibitors will try their hand at showing the other species and be scored by a panel of judges on everything including but not limited to animal treatment, knowledge, handling and how they conduct themselves in the ring.

High score will win and that showman will get to take home a trophy as tall as they are and the bragging rights of being number one Showman of the 2022 Meigs County Jr Fair.


4-H Project Premiums

$5$3$2All Still Projects
$5$3$2Demonstration & Health & Safety Contest, one premium per member
$5$3$2All Small Animal Projects
$13$12$11Swine and Sheep Breeding, Market Steer, Beef Feeder, Market Lamb, Market Goat, Market Hog, Dairy Market Steer, Dairy Feeders, Rabbit Breeding, Market Rabbit, Fancy Poultry, Turkeys, Geese, Ducks Pigeons, Market Broiler, Pullets)
$13$12$11All Horse Projects
$13$12$11Dairy and Beef Breeding
$8To each Club, Troop or Chapter having a fair booth (one award allowed).
$8To each Club participating in the Junior Fair Parade
$5Participants in Showmanship and Style Revue.

If you would like more information on 4-H projects, please consult the “Family Guide” located on our website at http://www.ohio4h.org/families/family-guide or contact your local Ohio State University Extension Office.

Click for a list of 4-H Projects available

Click for 4-H Events, Deadlines, Activities, Judging, Kickoff, etc.



Located in the Jr. Fair Building

Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Live to Serve

                                                                              A                  B                     C

Premium Awards as follows:               $5.00             $3.00               $2.00

Advisors: Racine Southern FFA – Devon Eckart Meigs FFA – Jennifer Dunn & Hannah Thompson

Junior Grange Exhibit

Located in Thompson Roush Building

Contests: State Crafts, State Baking and Sewing, Talent, Signing, State Poster/Banner, Safety Poster, National Crafts, National Stuffed Toy, National Needlework, Art & Photography and Prince & Princess. Premium Amounts are as follows:  A – $5.00           B – $3.00      C – $2.00          

Contact the Junior Grange for more information.

Girl Scouts

Committee members: Stephanie Roush, Amy McKinney, Angie Damewood, Junior Fair Board Members: Sammy Eblin, Erin McKibben. Girl Scout Committee: Erin McKibben, Eva McKinney, Geneva Bolin and Faith Roush. State Fair Representative: Jennifer McKibben

Premium Awards are as follows:    A – $5.00         B – $3.00         C – $2.00

Boy Scouts

All Explorer Posts, Boy Scout Troops and Cub Scout Packs in Meigs County are invited to exhibit at the Meigs County Junior Fair.  Any unit wishing to exhibit should contact Greg McCall on or before July 15, so space can be reserved.     

* Premium Awards and Ribbons will be as follows: A-$4.00; B-$3.00; C-$2.00.  There will be one grand and one reserve champion ribbon given in each level of Scouting (i.e. Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelo, Tenderfoot, First Class, etc.).

The categories will be as follows:

  1. Indians: I. Crafts; II. Costume
  2. Frontier: I. Crafts; II. Costume
  3. Models: I. Cars; II. Trucks; III. Planes; IV. Ships; V. Pinewood; VI. Miscellaneous.
  4. Art: I. Painting; II. Drawing; III. Ceramics; IV: Clay or Pottery; V. Miscellaneous Items.
  5. Collections.
  6. Hobbies or Crafts.
  7. Ropes: I. Knots; II. Lashing; III. Homemade Ropes.
  8. Outdoor Nature: I. Animals; II. Plants
  9. Hiking or Backpacking: I. Gear; II. Safety Rules.
  10. Cooking: I. Indoors; II. Outdoors; III. Baking;
  11. Camping: I. Gear; II. Safety Rules; III. Fire Lays.
  12. Games: I. Indoors; II. Outdoors.
  13. Wildlife: I. Fishing, II. Hunting; III. Trapping; IV. Endangered Species.
  14. First Aid or Safety.
  15. Sewing.
  16. Needlecraft: I. Knitting; II. Crocheting; III. Cross-stitch; IV. Miscellaneous Items.
  17. Leather Crafts: I. Tanning; II. Tooling; III. Lacing.
  18. Basketry.
  19. Electricity or Battery Operated Crafts.
  20. Science: I. Planets; II. Stars; III. Space; IV. Other.
  21. Country: I. Citizenship; II. Government; III. Flags.
  22. Animals or Pets: I. Care; II. Grooming; III. Feeding; IV. Housing.
  23. Woodcraft: I. Design; II. Construction; III. Carving; IV. Furniture Refinishing.
  24. Welding: I. Soldering; II. Brazing; III. Arc Weld Joint; IV. Safety.
  25. Photography: I. Black and White; II. Color; III. Developing; IV. Print Making; V. Pinhole Camera.
  26. Day Camp or Summer Camp Projects.
  27. Natural Resources: I. Protection; II. Conservation; III. Recycling.
  28. Service Projects

All work should be done by the exhibitor with adult supervision/help, when needed.  Each exhibitor may enter only one item per category and may enter no more than five (5) items.

Each item must be labeled as follows:

Age (when made)           Rank                  Pack/Troop              How Made                    Why Was It Made

Each unit is responsible for setting up and taking down their own booth and cleaning before and after the fair.  Any unit interested in displaying a group project should contact Greg McCall as soon as possible for details.