Horse Pulling Contest


Friday, August 19, 2022 – 8:00 P.M.


Bob Calaway – Superintendent

Brian Windon, Buddy Ervin, Chris Lambert, Tom Pullins


Entry Fee:  $10.00 per team.        

See General Rules for further instructions where applicable.

The value of draft animals depends upon their ability to pull and capacity to endure sustained efforts.  The object of this test is to determine the sustained maximum pulling capacity of each pair.  These tests will also afford valuable scientific data on the relation between form and function in draft animals and should stimulate general interest in the breeding and use of good draft horses and mules.   In particular it is desired:

(a) To determine the value of type and proper breeding in the selection of horses and mules intended for long and arduous draft work. (b) To ascertain and demonstrate the proper method of training and conditioning horses and mules for long and severe draft work.  (c) To encourage horsemanship in fitting horses and in driving.   (d) To demonstrate the maximum pulling capacity of the horses and mules.

The committee shall have full jurisdiction over, as well as power to decide, all questions arising in connection with the contest subject to the rules and administration as provided. They shall determine the winners and award prizes in accordance with the rules.  Failure to comply promptly with the directions of the committee shall result in immediate disqualification of a contestant. The decision of the majority of the committee concerning any matter arising in connection with the contest shall be final. Horses or driver may be disqualified at any time by the committee either for the violation of one or more of the conditions of the contest or because the contesting team’s condition is such as to render it cruel or inadvisable to permit the team to proceed further.

ELIGIBILITY: OPEN TO THE WORLD. Horses and mules, regardless of where owned, are eligible to enter this contest.

CONDITIONS- A stone boat loaded with cement blocks will be used.  Owners must furnish their own feed.

2022 OFMA DRAFT HORSE PULLING RULES                   


  1. Lightweight Teams – 3300 lb. and under

PRIZES – $250 – $175 – $150 – $100 – $75