Flowers and Plants

Superintendent: Brandon Werry, , Shaun Seth, Tara Roberts

Flower Show #1 Flower Show #2



Premium Money:
Senior Best of Show $3.00
Senior Reserve Best of Show $2.00
Senior Horticulture Sweepstakes $3.00 (judged according to points)
Creativity Award $3.00
Junior Best of Show $3.00
Junior Reserve Best of Show $2.00
Junior Horticulture Sweepstakes $2.00 (judged according to points)
Junior Honorable Mention $ 1.00

Ribbons and Premiums:
Artistic: Blue $5.00 Red $4.00 White $3.00
Junior Artistic: Blue $5.00 Red $4.00 White $3.00
Horticulture: Blue $3.00 Red $2.00 White $ 1.00

Flower Show Chairman: Shelia Curtis
Planning, publicity, photography Shade Valley Garden Club
Class Signs : Melanie Stethem
Education: Shade Valley:
Entryway: Shade Valley
Clerks: Shade Valley
Placement: Shade Valley 

Set-up: All clubs, Thursday, August 11, 2022, at 6:00 p.m.
Clean-up: All clubs, Sunday, August 21, 2022 at 1:00 p.m.

All classes of the show are open to all residents of Meigs County and to all members of a Meigs County Garden Club. Participants do not have to be a member of garden club to enter. Entry fee required is the purchase of a season ticket or membership ticket from the Meigs County Fair board.

Junior classes are open to anyone under 19 years of age. Season pass required.

Exhibitors must submit their entries to the Fair Secretary no later than 4 pm on Saturday Aug. 7, 2021. Entries may be made by mail. Entry forms specifically for the flower show may be accessed on-line at the Meigs County Fair site or picked up at the fair board office. No phone entries accepted.

Show # 1 will be staged on Monday, Aug. 15, 2022. Entries for exhibit and judging must be in place by 12 noon and left in place for viewing until the second show is staged. Exception: Potted plants and educational exhibits are to be left in place until the close of the fair and picked up on Sunday, Aug. 21 between 1 and 3 pm.

Show #2 will be staged Thursday, Aug. 18, 2022. Same rules and times apply as show #1. Show #2 exhibits will be left in place until the close of the fair.

Entries arriving late will not be judged and marked for exhibit only. Entries removed before the stated time will forfeit any premium due the exhibitor.

Neither the fair board nor the show committee can accept the responsibility for lost or damages items; therefore, the use of valuable articles must be discouraged. Any treasured article belonging to the exhibitor may be removed after the judging and replaced by another suitable article so that the effectiveness of the exhibit will not be diminished. This should be done only in exceptional circumstances and always with the knowledge of the staging committee. Exhibitors are encouraged to write their name in an inconspicuous place on items used in an entry.

Exhibitors must write their name, address and club name, if any, on the back of the entry tag furnished. All plant materials used in the exhibit are to be listed on a 3X5 card furnished by show committee.

Horticulture specimens are to be labeled with the genus, species and variety name on the back of the entry tag (i.e. Rose, Hybrid Tea, Double Delight) whenever possible. Committee will furnish containers for exhibits unless the specimen is quite large. Specimen stems should not be taller than 30 inches. Exhibitors must provide a container for exhibits that are too large for the standard containers. Hosta 6″ or smaller should be entered in classes designated for their size. Smaller varieties entered in the remaining classes will be disqualified.

An exhibitor may place only one artistic arrangement in each class. In the Horticulture section, the exhibitor may enter a limit of two specimens with each to be a different variety or type. Entry tags must be attached to the horticulture exhibit containers, either by string or rubber band, to avoid becoming separated from the exhibit.

No artificial plant materials allowed in any class. Bases and accessories are allowed in all artistic classes. All arrangements must contain some plant material with the use of fresh plant material encouraged. Fresh plant material must not be artificially colored. Dried material may be artificially colored or treated if the class requires.

Arrangements are not to be made or adjusted on the show tables.

The showroom is to be cleared by 12 noon. Show committee reserves the right to move, combine, or subdivide exhibits according to the number of entries in order to increase the effectiveness of the show. Exhibitor should always check their entries to make sure exhibit placements are correct before judging.

Judging is the standard system according to the Ohio Association of Garden Clubs Handbook and will be done by an accredited judge from outside Meigs County beginning at 1 pm on both show days.

Educational classes are not for competition and are assigned to specific clubs as display entries. Any expense for these classes are to be paid by the Meigs County Garden Club Association, as are all other staging expenses.

Artistic design is to be no wider than 28 inches and no taller than 48 inches unless stated elsewhere in the schedule. Artistic arrangers may win any of the following: Best of Show, Reserve Best of Show, Creativity (Meigs County Garden Club Members Agreement) at the show.