Directors of the Meigs County Agricultural Society

The board of directors of a county or independent agricultural society shall consist of at least eight members. An employee of the OSU extension and the county school superintendent shall be members ex officio. Their terms of office shall be determined by the rules of the department of agriculture. Any vacancy in the board caused by death, resignation, refusal to qualify, removal from county, or other cause may be filled by the board until the society’s next annual election, when a director shall be elected for the unexpired term. There shall be an annual election of directors by ballot at a time and a place fixed by the board, but this election shall not be held later than the first Saturday in December 1994, and not later than the fifteenth day of November each year thereafter, beginning in 1995.

Each candidate for the office of director of a society shall declare his candidacy by filing with the secretary of the society, a petition signed by ten or more members of the agricultural society, at least seven days before the annual election of directors is held. The petition submitted shall state the specific board position for which the candidate is seeking to be elected. Any member who fails to file a petition that includes the specific board position is ineligible for election as a director.

The directors shall serve a three year term, not to expire later than the thirtieth day of November.

Term Expires November 30, 2022

Tom Pullins
Wes Karr 
Sam Evans
Adam Smith
Brent Rose
Tara Roberts 

Term Expires November 30, 2023

Steve Swatzel
Chris Lambert
Bob Calaway
Paul Will
Shawn Seth
Brandon Werry

Term Expires November 30, 2024

Danny Davis
Joseph Dillon
Buddy Ervin
Ron Hensley
Chuck Parker
Brian Windon

Petition for Meigs County Fair Director

Officers: President – Wes Karr

                 Vice President – Steve Swatzel

                  Treasurer – Tara Rose Robert

                  Secretary – Debbie Watson

Junior Fair Coordinator

Amanda Faulk

Ex-Officio Directors:

Nancy Sydenstricker, Meigs County 4-H & Youth Development and Family Consumer Science Educator, 740-992-6696

Jennifer Dunn, Meigs  FFA

Jenna Meeks, Southern FFA Advisor


Concession Manager: Danny Davis

Gate Manager: Steve Swatzel    

Fair Office: 740-992-6954 during the fair and open class entry days

Secretary’s Phone: 740-985-4372 any other time

Physical Address:

41850 Fairgrounds Lane, Pomeroy, Ohio 45769

Mailing Address:

42455 Woods Road, Coolville, Ohio 45723